Arcade World - Final Render

Christmas Ornaments - Final Render

The Enchanted Doors was a 15 minute video mapping show in Terreiro do Paço made by Oskar & Gaspar - - the studio which I've worked with. This show was presented in mid December, and it was all about the Christmas spirit.

My work in this project:
     - Coca-cola Ad at the beginning;
     - Video Game/Arcade World (pac-man and what not);
     - Christmas Ornaments (presents and balls);
     - Animation of some of the leprechauns at the end;

     - 3D key.

Here is the whole live show as well as my solo work (except Coca-Cola Ad, that is on another page of this website). The sound was added after the whole video was finished, that's why there is none on the solo animations. Apologies for the quality of the lives video, it was the best I could get.

Arcade World - Live Projection

Christmas Ornaments - Live Projection

The Enchanted Doors - Live Show